Grades 1-5

Schedules & Important Information

Please call 978-531-0224 x315 for Information on G1-5 Religious Education. Voicemails go right to cellphone and we call back during normal business hours.


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What is Children's Liturgy of the Word?  During Children's Liturgy Of the Word (CLOW) children are dismissed from the general pews during the 10AM Family Mass to hear the gospel and readings of the day at a level of understanding for them in the chapel.  During CLOW children start to learn about what happens in the Mass and what takes place at certain times.  Childrens Liturgy of the Word is being held 3-4 times during the Religious Education year.   Parent volunteers are needed to assist during this session.


See below for First Holy Communion Specific Info 

Parents must review the info below WITH their children

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Survey Results are in - thank you to all who took the online survey!


Mass Attendance

  1. 80% Prefer the 10AM Mass
  2. 15% Prefer the 8AM Mass
  3. 5% Prefer the 4PM Mass

Is the Mass Family Friendly?

  1. 80% agreed the Mass is Family Friendly.
  2. 20% felt the Mass should be more Family Friendly.

Thank you for your suggestions & comments! Please remember - we can offer MANY student participation opportunities if we have volunteers to assist!  Please consider volunteering your time!  The more volunteers - the more we can offer!


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