G1-5 Weekly Notes & Updates

Parents - check here weekly to stay up to date!

Weekly Notes & Updates for Parents & Catechists


November 18, 2018 Notes

Childrens Liturgy of the Word Class at the 10AM Mass (no 8:45-9:40 class - kids go right to the 10AM Family Mass)


November 11, 2018 Notes 

Reminder No Classes - Holiday Weekend


4 November 2018 Notes

Greeting Parents!  Do you have extra Halloween Candy that you would like to donate?  Please drop off at St. Thomas anytime between now and November 11th.  

Classes – just a reminder that on the days we have Childrens Liturgy of the Word – we do not have class, as noted on the calendar, on that date.  

Parents educating their students!  During the month of November we have limited time in class due to our Religious Education offerings of class, Childrens Liturgy and our Family Advent Class & Breakfast.  Students in grades K-5 are asked to complete UNIT 2 (5 short lessons) at home with their parents between November 5th and November 25th.  Please make sure your child completes each short lesson or they will be behind when they return to their next class.

Here is a recap of what we have coming up in November as per the calendar, also available online:

  • November 4 Religious Education Classes 8:45-9:40AM Followed by 10AM Mass
  • November 11 **********NO CLASSES – HOLIDAY WEEKEND**********
  • November 18 Family Childrens Liturgy of the Word 10AM Mass is OUR CLASS.
  • November 25 **********NO CLASSES – HOLIDAY WEEKEND**********
  • December 2 Family & Student Advent Class & Breakfast 8:45-9:40AM (GYM) followed by 10AM Mass
  • December 9 Religious Education Classes 8:45-9:40AM Followed by 10AM Mass
  • December 16 Religious Education Classes 8:45-9:40AM followed by 10AM Mass/Christmas Pageant and brunch



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